Welcome to Rexy

He's been smashed by a giant hammer, shot at by a WW2 tank and stitched up and put back together more times than we can count. Rexy is not just a character; he's a symbol of connection, risk-taking, and never giving up, with a roaring sense of style.


At Rexy, we're all about celebrating life and embracing the joy of being a kid at heart. Our clothes aren't just about looking cool; they're a way to show off the stuff we really care about.

Our brand draws its inspiration from Rexy, the loveable stunt dino from the How Ridiculous guys - Scott, Brett, and Derek, a trio of Aussie mates who embark on daring adventures to create family friendly online content.

Why Choose Rexy?

Custom Design: Our clothing is designed in-house right here in Perth, ensuring that every piece is unique and reflects the essence of Rexy and his pals. We take pride in our custom designs, which are tried and tested, ensuring that they capture the spirit of adventure.

Quality Fabrics: We've worked tirelessly with our team to develop quality fabrics that are not only comfortable but also custom-dyed and made exclusively for us. The colours and composition materials are carefully chosen to bring out the vibrancy and playfulness that Rexy represents.

Fair Production: We are committed to fair production practices, ensuring that our clothing is created with respect for people and the environment. Our fabric is custom made for us, so we only produce as much as we need, meaning there is no excess waste heading to landfill. Plus, all our garments are packaged in bio-degradable bags, a small but meaningful step toward a greener planet.

Launch Video

To launch our roarsome new Rexy clothing label, we dropped Rexy from space! Preview the latest How Ridiculous viddy and join in on the fun! And, see if the guys can catch Rexy from space.

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